Okay, I’m out for the night. Too much of my time and too many tweets have been dedicated to Speed Racer

Furthermore, I am no longer friends with knerr

that is all

In an hour of watching Speed Racer, over 100 people have died in Speed’s presence.

I think I’m done with Speed Racer.

amagy whispered: Why this

Just throwin’ it out there.

Somethin’ strange is going down in this household again and once more my dad interrogates me as if I have all the answers

Not that I mind new followers, but for the record I will probably be a huge disappointment to the entirety of the Kid Icarus fandom

strongstarz93 replied to your post:strongstarz93 replied to your post:Hello there I…

Okay anyway I’m such a fan i made a K.I. OC ^^

Aah, that’s cool. I’m guessin’ you do art at dA then?

strongstarz93 replied to your post:Hello there I love the Kid Icarus art ^^

Kewl btw do you have devianart? I’m kinda a K.I. fan myself ^^

Naw, sorry, I don’t post there really..! It’s basically on my art blog here and on pixiv!

And rarely pixiv at that, haha.